Short Range Certificate RYA (ENG)

  • duration: 1 day
  • location: Warsaw
  • same day training and exam

All graduates of the Academy's courses will receive a 10% discount on yacht charter.

Terms and prices

Training price is 450 PLN + 70 PLN for the book
You will receive your book by post after paying for the course.
Exam fee - 60 pounds payable by card before  training

SRC (Short Range Certificate):

MCA Short Range Certificate is necessary for  skippers, who want to run boats on sea.
 At least one crew member must be a certified radio operator. 
The document obtained after the training - Maritime Radio Operator Certificate of Competence Short Range Certificate,
is issued by the Royal Yachting Association on behalf of Maritime and Coastguard Agency in accordance with the international
convention. The SRC RYA certificate is the equivalent to the SRC radio operator certificate issued 
by the Office of Electronic Communications in Poland.
It is equally recognized in every country in the world. The document is issued for an indefinite period.

Training is conducted in groups of max. 12 people. The course takes place in Warsaw at 23 Poleczki Street.

About the trainig


Classes are conducted in English in a simple, accessible and stress-free way.  Training consists  mainly of practical exercises on 10 VHF Standard Horizon radios. We do not train on simulators! These are serial radios with transmission power reduced for training purposes. Participants can also use the VHF Standard Horizon HX-851 handheld radio with DSC and GPS. Each participant will have time to practice all the procedures discussed and to operate the VHF radio with DSC.
During the course, a trainee will receive
  • basic information about the GMDSS system;
  • EPIRB, SART and NAVTEX support etc.);
  • radio rules and regulations;
  • VHF DSC receiver support;
  • jargon and  language used in radio communication;
  • radio channels and their use;
  • Distress Alert and Distress Message (MAYDAY);
  • Urgency (PAN PAN) and Safety (SECURITE) messages;
  • routine calls and calls;
  • other DSC functions.
Training lasts about 8 hours, including two 20-minute coffee breaks. Before the training, it is necessary to devote a minimum of 3 hours to self-study the book. It will be posted on completion of the initial booking process.

The exam takes place at the end of the course. It is enough to read the book before the training and carefully participate in the training to pass the exam without any problems.

After receiving the payment for  training, we will send you the book. It contains basic radio knowledge and it should be read before the training.

Please pay special attention to  phonetic alphabet, prowords, and basic phrases in English. Knowing them is essential during the exam.

The exam takes place at the end of the course It includes two parts: practical radio operation and theoretical test. It contains questions where subject matter relates only to the issues discussed during the training. Exam results will be communicated within several minutes of its completion.
You should bring a colour photo (3.5 × 4.5 cm) signed on the back and a horizontally printed application form!
Once you have made the payment, please print the application form and bring it with you to training.

Summary of instructions in Polish:
a. Go to: and click the red button: Start the Exam Payment Service
b. If you have an account, log in to the red frame on the right, if not, click in the yellow frame and set up a free account.
If you are not a RYA member, choose the “I just need to register option”  and fill in the details.
a. After registration, log in and select the option: Marine Radio SRC exam from the red frame
b. In the declaration, select “I agree” in the red frame and click: Next step –Your Details
c. The data should automatically load. Click: Next step - Payment
d. Enter the data from the payment card.  At the bottom, select “ I agree the RYA Terms & Condicions “ and click: “Finish & Submit Payment.”
e. After making the payment you will get 3 e-mails from RYA. Please make sure you take the “ Personal exam application form” together with a photo, to the course!

About the instructor

Tomasz Kosiewicz – A professional sailor and  A fan  of British approach to sailing, and in particular sailing training. In love with tides and seas that move not only horizontally. He sails as a captain on yachts from 10 to 43 meters.

  • PZŻ yachtmaster,
  • Yachtmaster Offshore RYA,
  • SRC Assessor RYA,
  • Master of Yachts 200GT Offshore,
  • PZMWiNW Motorboat Captain,
  • radar course with ARPA,
  • STCW 95 course


Course location

The cours will be held in our main office

Warszawa (Ursynów)
ul. Poleczki 23 (building F - 2 flor)
Course hours: 9.00 - 18.00